This isn’t how life was supposed to be…



I am going to dish out some tough love here, and you’re probably not going to like it.

But – the people who will listen and take action will have happier and more fulfilled lives – so here goes…

I’m going to tell you a story about 2 women. They hold similar jobs. They live in the same neighborhood. They both have 2 kids. But the difference in their lives is astounding.

stress and overwhelmMeet Anita

She’s hit the snooze button one too many times. She realizes she’s going to be late again. She pulls her tired body out of bed and starts the Mad Dash Shuffle.

Rushing to the bathroom, Anita lets out a little yelp and swears as she stubs her toe on the books piled up on the floor next to her bed. She can’t find the new slippers she bought to replace the old ones she thinks might be buried in the closet. Darn, if only there were more hours in a day, she could get everything done! Good Lord, the bathroom tiles are cold this morning.

Great, the mirror’s dotted with God only knows what and the sink looks like it’s the source of a science experiment.

Anita, now sort of awake after a quick shower, dashes into the kitchen. Oh great, she knew she should have done the dishes. She had been so tired after rushing around all day, like she always does, that she couldn’t stand the thought of being in the kitchen one more second after cooking, serving and clearing dinner. Now, not only was the sink overflowing, there wasn’t even a clean cup for her coffee.

Finding a cup that wasn’t too bad, Anita gave it a quick wash. Thank goodness, no matter what, she always sets up the coffee maker the night before. Anita poured herself a cup of coffee, threw in a couple of sugars and grabbed some milk. Only it wasn’t milk, it was outdated, rather thick and lumpy heavy cream. ICK! She tossed the carton in the sink and went back to the fridge. No milk. Anita made the mental note – and not for the first time, to start keeping lists.

Anita yells down the hall for her kids to get moving.

boy-screamShe listens for the familiar sounds of the school day morning. Anita wasn’t disappointed.

Mooooommm, Where’s my …..?

Mooooommm, I can’t find the…..”

Moooooommm, I need a ride, I can’t bring my project on the bus…

Anita manages to get the kids out the door, just in time to catch the bus. Someday there’ll be time for breakfast. Someday when things are not so hectic.

She grabs the project she has to drop off at the school on her way into work, jumps in the car happy to see that at least she remembered to get gas yesterday. Anita glances at her watch. She’s going to be at least 15 minutes late for work…again. Oh no, more like 25!

Anita grabs the steering wheel with both hands and taps it repeatedly with her frown-lined forehead. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble. This is so unfair. If only there were more hours in a day.

For some reason it never dawns on Anita that the number of hours in a day is the same for everyone.

Anita is the perfect example of living your life by accident.


woman in kitchenLet’s pop in next door and meet Mary

The alarm goes off, it’s set for 15 minutes earlier than usual. Mary smiles as she gets up. She’s thinking of how excited Jane was last night with the school project she had finished over the weekend. She’d had plenty of time to touch it up here and there last night.

Mary was eager, as usual, to start her day, there was so much to look forward to. Going into the carpeted game room that she had vacuumed last night, Mary slipped her Pilates DVD into the player. A half hour later, all stretched and feeling ready to take on the day, she headed toward the bathroom. On her way, Mary checked to make sure the kids were starting to show some signs of life. She smiled and began humming when she heard them ready to start the adventure of a new day. She heads to the sparkling bathroom. There’s a nice clean smell in the air. She takes a nice hot shower and heads for the kitchen.

The kitchen is clean. She is greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She has 15 minutes to sit and drink her coffee and prepare today’s game plan.

Just as she completes her morning routine, the kids come piling in to get breakfast. Mary and the children laugh and eat together. 20 minutes later, they all grab their stuff and head off to buses and cars.

Mary strolls into the office. She enthusiastically greets people with a smile. Grabs another cup of coffee and sits down with her “to do” list. When the phone rings, she answers it with that big smile in her voice – which makes her boss on the other end smile. It feels good to promote someone like this.

Across town, Anita rushes into her office, 25 minutes late, drops her stuff and grabs for the ringing phone – grumbling at the person on the other end. The caller happens to be her not too happy boss.

Rather an amazing difference, wouldn’t you agree?


Do you feel sorry for Anita?

That is the problem with our world today -

“It’s OK, it’s not your fault”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do sweetie…”

How’s that working for you?

Anita doesn’t need sympathy. She needs someone to kick her in the butt. She needs someone to take her by the hand and show her easy step-by-easy step how to get her life together.

But – But – But -

I’m tired…

I don’t feel like it…

I don’t have time…

We make time for what is important to us.

And your actions scream louder about what is truly important to you than your words, or even your thoughts.



You choose the quality of your life with the little decisions you make every day

Did I feel like getting up and going to the grocery store this morning? Heck no!

Did I feel like having a delightful lunch with my daughter when she gets here? Yep.

Many people would have skipped the grocery store and just run out to get something to eat.

We get to sit and enjoy a great lunch overlooking the lake. And our lunch will be more delicious, healthier, and will give us the energy to fully enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

And when I got home with the groceries, did I feel like portioning out the meat? Heck no!

Did I want to have easy meal options this week? Yep.

Many people would have just thrown it all in the freezer. Then you can’t break it apart if you only need some of it. It takes longer to thaw. All built in excuses for not making dinner. What ends up happening in the end? More fast food.

Did I feel like doing my housework chores during the week after working all day? Heck no!

I was tired. I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t really have the time.

Am I thrilled to be enjoying this beautiful weekend in my nice clean house? You betcha!

Do I feel like watching my neighbor’s dog? Nope. That dog is a pain in the rear.

Do I feel like helping my other neighbor with log splitting? Are you crazy?

What do my actions tell you about my values?

  • I value healthy eating.
  • I value my home environment.
  • I value quality time with my daughter.
  • I value relationships in my life.
  • I value hard work, but I also value rest, relaxation, and recreation.

I’m not paying lip service. I am demonstrating what is truly important to me.

And I have instilled those values in my daughter because she saw them in action – not just talked about.

And Yes, when I fall into bed at night, I am exhausted. But its the good kind of exhausted and I fall right asleep and sleep soundly.

I’m not telling you all of this to say “look how great I am.” I am telling you this so that you can see what is possible. If a working single mom with no college degree can do this – so can you.


But it wasn’t always this way

I went through a dark period where I was depressed and overwhelmed. I had been laid off and my career of almost 20 years was gone. Because of the levels I had achieved, I couldn’t even get hired as an admin. My specialized skills were no longer of any value. I took to feeling sorry for myself, letting things go, and generally acting the victim – and repelling everyone. Nobody wants to hear it. Believe me.

I was the one everyone always came to. I was the strong one. The one who handled everything. The one who made the most money. Now I was broken and there was no one to help me get better. I had to do that on my own. Don’t get me wrong – there were people who helped me survive, and I greatly appreciate them. I’m talking about someone who would help me heal and regain my confidence – to make me feel like there was some reason for me to be alive. That was a self journey that I had to undertake alone. Fortunately, you won’t have to do it alone.

Some of your circumstances are your fault. Some are not. Regardless, you have to own up to responsibility for your life and do what you can with what you have.


Doing what you need to do, when you need to do it is not optional, at least not if you want a good life.

I started on a campaign to get my life back on track. I studied all sorts of self help. Some helped, some didn’t. I also found that doing certain things gave me a feeling of accomplishment and helped to rebuild my confidence. I wrote down things I did that made me feel better and stronger. 

After a while, Whole Life Overhaul was born.

I found that regaining your life was a daily struggle with even the simplest things, right? So that is the number one basis for Whole Life Overhaul. You get a daily email with an easy assignment.

Throughout the 26 week course you will work on things like -

  • Attitude adjustment – shift the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in the chaos to new positive ‘can-do’ thoughts that will help you be the best you can be. 
  • Create a healthy home environment where everyone can relax, rejuvenate and de-stress.
  • Time management – making a plan and sticking to it
  • Project management – taking a big task and breaking it down into easily doable chunks.
  • Diet and health – because you can’t live a life of bliss without health and energy
  • Communication – why it seems like people don’t listen to you, and what to do instead.
  • Problem solving – how to look at a problem and come up with a workable solution without going into a tizzy.
  • Dealing with negativity – its everywhere, and you better be able to not let it affect you.
  • Finances – finding money, saving money, and paying off debt.
  • And so much more. That short list is just the tip of the iceberg.

And we use some unorthodox methods to apply the lessons in real life – like getting your house cleaned up and mandatory relaxation. Its full of real life application, not just airy theory.

Every week you will be building your self esteem. As you master each set of lessons you will feel stronger and more capable.

Imagine how your life will change when you take a positive action every day. 

Here’s how it works -

Every day you will get an email containing the easy assignment to complete that day. Its like having someone right there every morning to remind you to build your good habits. Get in the habit of opening that email first thing every morning.

Every Sunday you will receive a pdf of all of your lessons for the week so you can use them for the rest of your life. I suggest printing them out and putting in a binder.

Starting in week 3, your PDF will contain daily planners. Print those out on Sunday night so you have them ready for the week. We are using all of your senses to establish your new patterns. You will actually hand write on this planner and carry it with you. Writing something down uses different neural pathways in the brain. Research shows that it may even be more effective than typing.  

Here is another thing that makes this course different

You need accountability. 100% fail without it. I’m serious on this.

Every week you send in a weekly report. Its just a few short questions so I can see how you are doing.

It is also your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. Each person is facing different circumstances. The weekly report allows us to work together to find personalized solutions that work for you.

But you don’t need to wait for the weekly report. As a student in Whole Life Overhaul, you can email me anytime you have a question, or need extra encouragement.

Its very important for your success that you get in the habit of sending in your weekly report simply because we always do better if we know someone is watching, right?


What are your options?

You can do nothing and continue living the way you are living letting things spin out of control, which affects your health, your relationships, and your finances.

You can buy a self improvement book. Maybe you’ll read it. Maybe you’ll try to apply it in your life. Then life gets busy and you forget about it. It becomes shelf help.

You can hire a life coach and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These programs start at $97 a month and go up from there. With some you get a call a week. Some you get a call a month. Some are group sessions. Some are one on one coaching. 

I was on a call recently where the program cost $2,997. Clearly the majority of the people on this call could not afford that. What about them? Who is going to help the people who cannot afford an expensive coach?

I have made Whole Life Overhaul an affordable option for everyone. For less than $10 a week, you get your lessons and personal attention. You can’t get that deal anywhere else.

We take self improvement, time management, organization, life skills, coaching, and application and practice – and roll it into one amazing life improving e-course. Today you are going to start systematically putting your life in order. A Whole Life Overhaul!


You have the power to choose the values you live by

Whole Life Overhaul will help you rebuild your self worth, to be stronger, more disciplined and more determined and live a life of dignity and value.

  • You’ll feel more fulfilled, calmer, and happier.
  • Your home will be a calm retreat where you can relax and rejuvenate.
  • Your family life will be calmer and more enjoyable.

The calmer and more confident you will carry over into your career life and you’ll see changes start to happen there too.

It’s time to get off your butt and put in the time and effort to change your life.

Imagine how you will feel when you are organized, in control and ready to take on the challenges the day brings.

How powerful and unstoppable would you feel if you had that kind of control of your life? Would you be absolutely amazing? 


So, Let’s get to work. But Only If You Really Really want –

* More control of your life

* More free time

* Better health

* More energy

* Lose Weight

* Cleaner – calmer home

* More focus on your goals

* Better relationships

* Better organizational skills

* Belief in yourself

* Pass on good habits to your kids

Start your Whole Life Overhaul. There’s no excuse left. Its inexpensive. The lessons are simple and enjoyable, and if you don’t like it – you can quit anytime. The only obligation is to yourself.

Make a commitment to yourself today to make your life amazing


Hit the Enroll Now button and get started now.


Just 9.97 a week!
Are you excited? I can’t wait to meet you. I’ve made many good friends through this course over the years. I hope you’ll be among them.
See You Monday!
P.S. If you want your life to be different, you have to do things differently – and you have to start now!

What Others Are Saying

I do want to thank you for being a little hard on me. It makes me feel like you really care about what you are doing with this program and helping people like me who really need it. It also makes me realize I need to work harder and pull myself out of my comfort zone and be aware of the changes that need to be permanent.

Thank you Carole!


For whatever reasons I am more motivated and am DOING!

It’s amazing how your course is making me think about things like exercise and eating right and doing things besides working every single day. It’s very motivating.

All the best,


This course has helped me to focus more in the last several months than my whole life and the insights that I’ve gained is invaluable. God bless you.
I am excited about the future as with this program’s help, I know I will grow to new heights.

I started a new job, bought business cards (really cute ones), less crankey, a clean, organized house.  I noticed that I am smiling more. 

I will recommend this program to all of my friends, who ask where the change in me came from.

Diane Krause


Some of the ideas in the recent Lessons I have already learned. All of them are right on, and very valuable. I was just thinking the other day, they should make this course mandatory for everyone BEFORE they have a baby. They should have these skills in place before the damage is done. I know that isn’t realistic, but, if they “got it” it would sure save some emotional damage to the children, and maybe even some marriages. It’s great!

This material is excellent, and I really look forward to the next one. I have not found a single scrap that I disagreed with. I am so curious about what will be coming in the future!

Mary Porter

I think the topics that are being addressed are very pertinent to anyone attempting to make a solid and lasting change in their lives.  I believe, as many self-development experts that I have read have stated, that the only real change occurs when you change the little things that you do – the habits of being. I also believe that real change can occur only when you have a mindfulness of what you are doing all day.  It appears to me that you are addressing these very issues with the course.  I will work harder to stay current with the work.

I find myself looking forward to finding out what each day’s focus will be – the daily nature of the correspondence, I believe, fosters the mindfulness I mentioned.  Overall, I’m very impressed with the course so far!

Joel S. Roberts


It’s so important to develop goals and plans that will bring you freedom from your struggles. We can all do it, if we want it badly enough. I also want to say that your course, Whole Life Overhaul, is a great way to free yourself from whatever is holding you back. It’s helped me gain a lot of personal insight and develop new perspectives on things.

Thanks for all the motivation you provide in your ezine We all need it! I also love the tips you give.





“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Live the life you’ve imagined.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

-Henry David Thoreau


enrollJust 9.97 a week!

P.S. The prices are a market test. As more and more people take advantage of the personalized feedback, we may be forced to raise prices, or close down enrollment. Don’t put it off and chance being disappointed.

Or, you can close this window and do nothing…and nothing will change

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